This collection has been created together with Inga Ivanova, artist, designer, paper sculptor and educator from St Petersburg, trained at the Russian school of design.

By innovating through the use of color ink for the first time in this technique, Inga brings in colorful reusable stickers that children can use over and over again to arrange them on our safe glass and vinyl panels, creating their own interactive compositions. Her innovative teaching approach warns us against arranging and decorating children spaces from the point of view of the adult eye, which results in dull, rigid and heartless spaces that don´t foster their creativity.

Children can create a fantasy world of their own with just a piece of paper and a couple of buttons. That is why we want them to give free rein to their imagination and create their own decorations with the reusable stickers that come with our safety glass or vinyl panels. They can decorate their own space so that it lives up to their expectations while creating a unique work of art at the same time.

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